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Beyond: Putting Data to Work Ltd; Beyond Analysis and Beyond AML.


Since 2007, Beyond: Putting Data to Work Ltd has helped clients globally use data to drive efficiency gains and business improvements by enabling them to better understand their customers and business operations.


Using the latest in artificial intelligence and machine learning we model and forecast behaviour, that via our proprietary visualisation tools, enables the sharing of insights for taking action and delivering competitive advantage.


We believe our strong client focus ensures our long-term sustainability and the profitability of the group businesses.


We’re proud that our Senior Leadership Team operates according to defined Leadership Principles and accepts responsibility for establishing, implementing, integrating and maintaining our Quality Management System.


We undertake to ensure sufficient resources are made available within the Organisation and to ensure through communication, engagement, practical example and training that Quality is the fundamental aim of all members of our Organisation.


Significant effort is made to ensure that the entire business has a full and proper understanding of the Quality Management System, and their part in its delivery and development as part of everyday operations, all of which will contribute to the success we achieve.


Our investment into Human Resources management and particularly individuals’ wellbeing ensures that each employee knows the responsibilities and accountabilities related to their role and is supported and trained to support these.


Our Organisation has a policy of promoting continual improvement and setting of quality objectives in line with the framework laid down within the ISO 9001 Standard. These objectives will address the risks and opportunities within the Organisation as determined by the Senior Leadership Team.


We hereby certify that our Quality Manual accurately describes our Quality System and provides evidence of how we comply with the requirements of the ISO 9001 quality management standard.


Our Quality Management System will be monitored, measured, evaluated and enhanced within our performance evaluation process with regular reporting as to its status to the Senior Leadership Team.

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