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Meet Jake

Jake, Data Scientist, gives insight into his role and

a typical day

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My Story

Before embarking on my career as a data scientist, I obtained a master's degree in Physics. What attracted me most during my studies was the programming aspect, coupled with my desire to apply my mathematical knowledge.


Recognising the synergy between machine learning, deep learning, and my skill set, I dedicated time to online courses to expand my expertise.


My journey began as a computer vision researcher intern, gradually transitioning into the field of data science, driven by my passion for problem-solving and deep understanding of complex datasets.

Normal Day

My day-to-day responsibilities involve tackling various data science challenges for our clients. Recently, I worked on transitioning an existing model onto VertexAI, ensuring a seamless integration. Currently, I'm focused on a forecasting problem related to sales and operations for one of our major clients. This involves analyzing historical data, market trends, and operational metrics to develop accurate predictive models.

I regularly check in with project managers to stay aligned with project goals and timelines. Collaboration with the client-side data team is crucial for understanding data nuances and incorporating domain knowledge into our models. This ensures that our solutions are tailored to their unique needs.

In addition to project work, I stay updated on the latest data science developments, continuously exploring new tools and techniques. This ongoing learning helps enhance our projects' effectiveness and fosters innovation. My role is centered on solving complex problems, building strong client relationships, and contributing to a culture of continuous improvement in data science.

Outside the Office

Outside of my professional life as a data scientist, I have a rich array of interests and hobbies that keep me engaged and inspired. One of my greatest passions is reading, particularly in the genres of fantasy and non-fiction. I find immense joy in getting lost in the intricate worlds and imaginative plots of fantasy novels, where creativity knows no bounds. These stories provide a delightful escape and a source of endless fascination.

Cooking is another passion that plays a significant role in my life. I am an avid cook who delights in experimenting with new recipes and culinary techniques. The kitchen is my creative playground, where I can unwind and express myself through food. I love trying dishes from different cultures, which broadens my palate and deepens my appreciation for global cuisines.


Whether it's mastering the art of making sushi, perfecting a classic Italian pasta dish, or exploring the rich flavors of Indian spices, cooking is a continual journey of discovery and satisfaction. Sharing these culinary creations with friends and family brings an added layer of joy, as food has a unique way of bringing people together and creating memorable experiences.

These hobbies not only provide a much-needed balance to my analytical work but also enrich my life with diverse experiences and perspectives. They fuel my creativity, enhance my problem-solving skills, and keep me grounded, allowing me to return to my professional endeavours with renewed energy and fresh ideas.

Why Beyond?

Beyond offers the unique opportunity to work on diverse data science problems, one of the key reasons I wanted to join Beyond was the chance to tackle a wide variety of challenging projects. This variety ensures constant intellectual stimulation and opportunities for continuous learning and growth.


Engaging with different types of data and complex issues from various industries allows me to expand my skill set and deepen my expertise.

The dynamic environment at Beyond perfectly aligns with my passion for problem-solving and staying at the forefront of data science advancements.


Additionally, collaborating with a talented team fosters innovation and drives excellence, making Beyond an ideal place to advance my career and contribute meaningfully to impactful projects.

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