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Chief Executive Officer, Beyond


"Since the beginning of my journey in technology, I've been captivated not only by the mechanics behind innovation but also by the potential to improve and enhance our collective experiences."

I am a seasoned executive with a distinguished background in advertising, media, and data analytics.


Over the years, I have built a robust career marked by significant achievements and impactful contributions across various sectors.

I began my career in advertising, managing some of the world's largest brands, including British Airways, Apple, P&G, and Heineken.


My roles at notable companies like dunnhumby have honed my expertise in leveraging data to drive business success.

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Career Trajectory

Throughout my career, I have had the privilege of holding several significant positions, each contributing to my growth and expertise in the industry.

One of my notable roles was as the Global Head of Consumer Markets at dunnhumby. In this position, I led a team focused on understanding and leveraging consumer data to drive business growth. My responsibilities included developing global strategies, managing key client relationships, and ensuring that our insights translated into impactful business outcomes. This role honed my skills in data-driven decision-making and market analysis.

I also took on the challenge of entrepreneurship as the Owner of M101. Running my own business allowed me to apply my strategic and operational skills in a new context. I was responsible for everything from business development to client management, and it gave me a deep understanding of the complexities and rewards of running a business.

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Career Trajectory

As a Director at TBWA\ & TEQUILA\ Australia, I played a crucial role in developing and executing innovative marketing campaigns. I worked with a talented team to create memorable and effective advertising strategies that resonated with diverse audiences. This position helped me refine my creative thinking and leadership abilities.

At M&C Saatchi, I served as the Head of International. This role involved overseeing international operations and ensuring that our global campaigns maintained consistency and effectiveness across different markets. I collaborated with international teams to tailor strategies that met the unique needs of each market, enhancing my global strategic perspective.

As the Regional Director at Leo Burnett / Starcom Worldwide, I managed regional operations and led strategic initiatives to drive business growth. I was responsible for coordinating efforts across multiple offices, ensuring that our regional strategies were aligned with the overall business objectives. This role strengthened my ability to manage large teams and complex projects across different regions.

These diverse experiences have equipped me with a broad skill set and a deep understanding of the industry. Each position has contributed to my professional development, allowing me to bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to my current role.

Founding Beyond Analysis:

My experience with transformative projects in previous roles culminated in the founding of Beyond Analysis.


Recognising a significant gap in how businesses outside the supermarket sector leveraged data, I, along with Will, launched our own venture.


We quickly started working with prominent brands like Waitrose, B&Q, and Visa. Our work with Visa involved creating innovative data cleansing and management routines, which in turn facilitated groundbreaking data solutions like Spendographics and Sectorgraphics.


These initiatives enabled banks to deliver spend-based loyalty programs, significantly enhancing customer engagement through data-driven personalisation.


Leadership Philosophy

My leadership style is hands-on and pragmatic, focusing on making impactful changes.


My vision for Beyond is to empower like-minded businesses and individuals to make positive changes using data.


I inspire my team through hard work, risk-taking, and fostering an environment where everyone can enjoy their work while achieving great results.

Community and Personal Interests

Outside of my professional life, I am passionate about running, travel, and reading, particularly history books.


I have served as a governor at Loughborough Schools Foundation and held non-executive director roles at various companies.

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Awards and Recognitions

My contributions to data analytics have been widely recognized. My accolades include:

  • Listed in the 2022 DataIQ 100 Most Influential People in Data

  • Winner of the Data 50 Awards for Best In Class, Marketing & Customer Insights (2017)

  • Named among Information Age’s UK Top 50 Data Leaders (2017)

  • Featured in the Data IQ 100 Most Influential People in Data (2017)

Quotes and Testimonials

"Paul's unique blend of creative insight and data-driven strategy has been instrumental in shaping Beyond into the innovative business it is today.  


His dedication and leadership inspire everyone around him."


- Jo Delahunty KC

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William Beresford

Meet William Beresford, our Chief Strategy Officer at Beyond: Putting Data to Work.


With a wealth of experience and a strategic mindset, William is at the helm of our efforts to transform data into actionable insights for businesses.


As a co-founder of Beyond, alongside Paul Alexander, William has been instrumental in shaping our vision and driving our mission since 2007.

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Explore our work in data and strategy consulting

Image by Galen Crout

AI-Driven Global Strategy at Maersk

Capitalizing on Beyond's Data Consulting and AI Solutions to Navigate Complex Logistics with AI-Enhanced Precision and Insight-Driven Operations

Image by Nathan Fertig

Data Driven
Omni-Channel Retail

A strategic partnership with DFS Group helping them to lead furniture retailing in the digital age.

Image by Denys Rodionenko

Transforming Fuel Cards and Fleet Management

Empowering Fleetcor with Beyond's Data Consulting, Advanced AI Solutions, and Robust Data Ecosystems for Enduring Market Leadership.

Why Choose Beyond?


Our team of seasoned consultants has decades of combined experience in data strategy and consulting. We bring deep industry knowledge and hands on experience to every engagement.

Customised Solutions

We provide tailored solutions that fit with where you are on your data journey to address your unique data needs and challenges, ensuring a perfect fit for your organisation.

Value-Driven Approach

Our focus is on delivering real value through our services. We work to identify opportunities for cost savings, revenue generation, and process improvements.

End-to-End Support

We are with you every step of the way, from initial assessment to implementation and beyond. We are committed to your success.

Examples Of Our Work

Image by Towfiqu barbhuiya

Data-Driven Innovation in Payment Solutions

A strategic partnership with Visa, helping them transform payments data into competitive advantage.

Image by Kutan Ural

Transforming healthcare workforce management

A strategic partnership with NHS Professionals, helping them become a data driven organisation.

Image by Nathan Fertig

Data Driven Omni-Channel Retail

A strategic partnership with DFS Group helping them to lead furniture retailing in the digital age.

Image by Denys Rodionenko

Transforming Fuel Cards and Fleet Management

A strategic partnership with Fleetcor to drive data usage across the global organisation.


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