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AI-Driven Global Strategy at Maersk

Capitalizing on Beyond's Data Consulting and AI Solutions to Navigate Complex Logistics with AI-Enhanced Precision and Insight-Driven Operations

The global shipping conglomerate worked closely with Beyond to build, test, and launch a bespoke customer-targeting solutions that uses the latest generation AI technology to meet customer needs.

About Maersk​

Maersk, officially known as A.P. Moller-Maersk, stands as a global behemoth in the shipping and logistics industry, headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. ​

The company is renowned for its extensive operations, which span across the globe, making it one of the largest shipping companies in the world by fleet size and cargo capacity. ​

Maersk's business encompasses a wide range of activities including container shipping and terminals, logistics and forwarding services, and even oil and gas exploration and production in its portfolio until recent strategic shifts. ​

With a fleet of more than 700 vessels and containers, the company serves customers worldwide, facilitating international trade by transporting goods across vast oceanic trade routes.​


The Market Context​

In response to the evolving global economy and the dynamic economics of the shipping industry, Maersk has embarked on a strategic transformation aimed at transitioning from a traditional shipping company to a provider of integrated logistics solutions.


This shift is driven by both the changing economics of shipping and the evolving needs of customers with increasingly global business operations requiring end-to-end supply chain solutions that offer efficiency, transparency, and flexibility. ​

Maersk's strategic objectives now focus on leveraging digital technology to go beyond simply shipping and offer a range of services that encompass supply chain management, freight forwarding, and warehousing, aiming to provide seamless, integrated services that connect and simplify its customers' supply chains. ​


This move is indicative of Maersk's ambition to become a global integrator of container logistics, aiming to address the challenges faced by global trade in a more holistic and agile manner, thereby enhancing customer experience and driving sustainable growth in a rapidly changing economic landscape.

Image by Galen Crout


This strategic pivot of Maersk presents several challenges, particularly in understanding the complex needs of its B2B customers.

Strategic Partnership Development

Cultivating strategic partnerships with customers' needs a shift in sales and service strategies focussing on long-term value creation.

Deep Customer Insights

Shift from a transactional model, to a relationship model requires a deeper understanding of each customer's business requirements.

Customised Solutions

Offering integrated logistics solutions requires the development of tailored services, moving beyond a one-size-fits-all approach.

Enhanced Service Collaboration

Integrating logistics services requires collaboration between divisions within Maersk, challenging traditional practices.

Data Management & Analysis

The need to collect and analyse large volumes of data to gain  customer insights, requires the right infrastructure and skills operational silos.

These challenges highlight the need for Maersk to invest in leveraging AI and Data Analytics in its customer relationship management, technology, and talent development to successfully navigate its strategic transformation and truly become a value-adding partner to its clients.​

Maersk's Journey with Beyond​

Maersk embarked on a transformative journey with Beyond to revolutionize its approach to customer data capabilities, segmentation, and actionable insights.


This partnership was initiated with a comprehensive review of Maersk’s existing customer data processes, identifying areas for enhancement to foster deeper customer insights and improved actionability.


The collaboration led to the development of an integrated data asset, amalgamating data from various Maersk entities to craft a unified customer view across shipping and logistics activities. This initiative was pivotal in understanding the diverse needs of Maersk's global clientele, ranging from multinational brands like Coca-Cola, Adidas, and McDonald's to small, family-owned businesses worldwide. ​

Utilising this consolidated customer view, Beyond and Maersk designed a "sales booster" solution, combining traditional data analytics and data science techniques to pinpoint valuable sales targets and recommend optimal product offerings to each business client through an AI-driven product recommender.


The journey further evolved with the introduction of AI-powered segmentations and models, specifically tailored to enhance Maersk's understanding of the Freight Forwarder customer base, thereby refining its strategic approach to this crucial market component.​

Maersk Roadmap for data inisghts
John Walker Photo

"The team at Beyond provided us with a real clarity of thinking we’d been struggling to arrive at ourselves.” 

John Walker, Global Head of Customer Insights & Solutions – AP Moller Maersk

Customer Data Strategy

Beyond initiated their collaboration with Maersk by conducting an in-depth evaluation of the company's existing methodologies for collecting and segmenting customer data.


This critical examination was aimed at pinpointing gaps in capturing detailed customer profiles and understanding of their behaviors and needs. ​

It went beyond a technical review to encompass a strategic overhaul with the intent to elevate the usefulness and application of data in crafting more precise and actionable customer segments.


This foundational work was instrumental in setting a new direction for Maersk's marketing and sales tactics, moving them towards a more data-centric and customer-specific approach that promises greater efficacy and conversion rates.

Cargo Ship at Port
maersk data objectives

Development of a Unified Data Asset​

The initial data strategy review led to the development of a unified data repository that integrated data sources from across Maersk’s different business entities and service lines. This enabled the development of a single view of the customer and their interactions with Maersk across  the traditional shipping operations and the extended logistics offerings and services.  ​

Computer with Graph
customer profile dashboard

This enabled the developed of a rich data asset of performance KPIs, behavioural variables and scores through multiple segmentations and models assigning specific behaviour and needs flags against every single customer.​


The strategic advantage gained from this asset was significant, as it laid the groundwork for personalised marketing and robust engagement strategies, ensuring that each customer interaction was informed by comprehensive insights.

Sales Booster Solution​

With the integrated data asset in place, Beyond and Maersk engineered a 'Sales Booster Solution' that harnesses the power of advanced analytics and machine learning. ​

Image by Rinson Chory
power bi screen shots

The tool was architected to identify segments that possess the highest potential for revenue generation and to match Maersk's service offerings with customer needs in an unprecedentedly precise manner. ​

Guided by the insights generated from an AI-based product recommender system, this sophisticated sales tool not only optimised the efficiency of the sales funnel but also guaranteed a higher degree of integration between Maersk's solutions and the individualised demands of their customers, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

AI-Driven Segmentations for Freight Forwarders​

The project’s focus extended to the Freight Forwarder segment, a pivotal part of the logistics and shipping ecosystem, consisting of agents who play the critical role of managing logistics for cargo owners. ​

Beyond Analysis advanced AI techniques to dissect and understand the complex nature of this segment. By crafting specialised segmentation models and employing predictive analytics, they provided Maersk with a deeper understanding of Freight Forwarders' operational patterns, preferences, and decision-making criteria. ​

This level of insight enabled Maersk to refine their service propositions and engage with freight forwarders in a more meaningful and mutually beneficial manner, ultimately leading to optimised logistics solutions tailored to the specificities of this key customer group.

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Lessons Learned

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