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Updated: Apr 2

The Predicament of Reliance on Intuition

Businesses have often lauded the expertise of seasoned leaders, romanticizing the 'gut feel' for key decisions. Intuition, based on experience, has its merits, but in today's market landscape, solely relying on it can be detrimental. Industries like travel and retail, where rapid shifts in consumer behaviour occur, have observed the consequences of over-relying on intuition.

Quantifying Data Driven Decision Making: Benefits and Challenges


  1. Informed Decisions: Data-backed decisions reduce risks and yield better outcomes.

  2. Predictive Analysis: Sectors like finance have harnessed data for anticipatory strategies.

  3. Enhanced Accountability: Quantifiable insights improve transparency and trust.


  1. Data Overload: Sifting through vast data can be overwhelming.

  2. Skill Gap: Interpretation can be challenging for those unfamiliar with data.

  3. Resistance: Traditionalists may see the data shift as threatening.

Case Studies: Successes and Failures in the Transition

Success: John Lewis & Partners

The UK-based retailer, John Lewis & Partners, faced stiff competition from online stores. By embracing data analytics, they studied customer behaviors and preferences. The insights allowed them to integrate online and offline experiences. As a result, they reported a 23% increase in online sales in 2019. (Source: John Lewis & Partners Annual Report 2019)

Failure: Thomas Cook

The British global travel group, Thomas Cook, heavily relied on historical data and gut feelings for package deals. Overlooking real-time data and new travel trends, they continued investing in non-profitable ventures, leading to their collapse in 2019. (Source: BBC News, September 2019)

Actionable Steps for Fostering a Data-Driven Culture

  1. Leadership Endorsement: Executives must support and model data-driven approaches.

  2. Training Programs: Introduce training for data interpretation skills.

  3. Hire Data Specialists: Employ data experts for intricate analyses.

  4. Encourage Curiosity: Promote data-centric questions in meetings.

  5. Celebrate Successes: Reward data-backed success stories.

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