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Tackling 'Accidental Bias' in data and AI

Updated: Apr 10

Many thanks to the fantastic TTG Media group editor Pippa Jacks for chairing the latest ITT webinar this week tackling the role data and artificial intelligence have inadvertently played in exacerbating bias. 

The webinar, billed as “Uncovering accidental bias to find hidden customer opportunities – how AI is both perpetrator and champion for diversity and inclusion”, took place on Wednesday (1 July).

The session was delivered by Paul Alexander, Chief Executive, and Jordan Browne-Moore our data solutions and bias experts.

Watch a recording of the webinar here

The meteoric growth in the availability and use of data over the past 20 years has led to the pervasive use of technology and AI models in every aspect of our lives.

It has, however, also unwittingly exacerbated the problem, with bias effectively becoming hard-coded into our systems. “It can be easy to recognise in many cases, as we have seen recently, but what do you do about it when it is invisible, systemic and no one knows or realises it is there?”

The webinar introduced attendees to the topic of bias, explained how it can permeate our everyday lives and decision-making and how to go about identifying and fixing it.

The session covered the following:

• What is bias? • Real life examples of how it is creeping into our lives through AI • Where to look for bias in your travel business • How does bias creep into your business and the choices it makes? • What can you do to fix it?

To find out more about how Beyond Analysis could help you business address bias in your business please reach out to us at



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