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How Can a Data Strategy Consultant Transform Your Business?

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In an era where data is king, many organisations still grapple with harnessing its full potential. While the roles of business transformation consultants and tech advisors are well-recognised, there's another player whose importance is rapidly growing yet remains under-appreciated: the Data Strategy Consultant. At Beyond: Putting Data to Work, we understand that a robust data strategy is not just an advantage; it's a necessity for growth, innovation, and competitiveness.

The Vital Role of Data Strategy Consultants

Data strategy encompasses a wide array of critical activities, from choosing impactful analysis projects to implementing effective data governance practices. Unfortunately, many companies settle for hiring entry-level analysts and miss out on the transformative power of a comprehensive data strategy. This oversight can hinder growth and erode trust in the organisation's data integrity.

A Data Strategy Consultant serves as the architect of your data landscape, ensuring that every department and stakeholder aligns with the company's overarching goals. Given the natural emergence of politics and silos as companies expand, navigating these internal complexities requires an impartial, expert hand.

Here's how Beyond can make a difference:

  • Objective Insight: Free from internal politics, we provide unbiased advice that focuses on your company's best interests.

  • Best Practices and Benchmarks: Drawing on our extensive experience across retail, finance, travel, and B2B sectors, we share success stories and strategies that work.

  • Strategic Workshops: Our outside perspective, coupled with deep expertise, fosters innovative planning and problem-solving.

  • On-demand Expertise: We bring specialised knowledge to your doorstep without the overhead of permanent hires.

Our consultants delve into your current data practices, systems, and projects, identifying opportunities to better align with your strategic objectives. Whether it's selecting high-ROI data projects, enhancing your data team, or guiding your strategy development, our goal is to catalyse meaningful change.

Who Needs a Data Strategy Consultant?

Primarily, medium to large organisations stand to benefit the most due to their complex structures, which often present significant challenges in developing a cohesive data strategy. Engaging with a data strategy consultant is particularly impactful when:

  • Contemplating the formation of an analytics team.

  • Approaching a restructure.

  • Addressing issues of data mistrust or communication gaps.

  • Embarking on major redesigns or product launches.

Realising Impact with Beyond

Beyond's client stories illustrate the transformative potential of engaging with a Data Strategy Consultant:

  • Building an Analytics Team: For a client keen on establishing a dedicated analytics function, we conducted stakeholder interviews, assessed current data infrastructure and needs, and provided a tailored blueprint for the team's composition and organisational placement.

  • Launching an A/B Testing Program: We facilitated a cross-functional collaboration involving UX, development, and marketing teams to set up an A/B testing program aligned with ambitious revenue targets, ensuring seamless tracking and project management.

  • Data Project Selection Coaching: Guiding clients through the process of identifying and prioritising data projects with the highest impact potential.

  • Reporting Audit and Optimisation: Our consultants critically evaluated existing reports, streamlining data communication to enhance decision-making and operational efficiency.

Interested in unleashing the full potential of your data? Discover how Beyond: Putting Data to Work can elevate your data strategy, driving growth and innovation in a data-centric world. Learn more about our Data Strategy Services.



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