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Voyages Extraordinaires – A Data-Driven Guide to the Future of Travel

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Paul Alexander, Group CEO of Beyond Analysis, opened the ITT conference on Tuesday 11th June 1ith a presentation on “Voyages Extraordinaires – a Data Driven Guide to the Future of Travel”.

His talk explored how, with the world being so mobile, a lot of people – at least in the west – could be considered “well-travelled”.  It means it is increasingly difficult to come up with new, exciting destinations.  Search data acts as a leading indicator of where the travel and tourism industry needs to focus on next.  Better yet, by using advanced machine learning techniques we can predict what the demand for certain types of destinations is likely to be. Paul’s presentation set out some clear examples of where data can be used to enhance the industry offering and this will be explored in our White Paper on the subject, being published soon.

On opening the conference Paul said “The ITT conference is always an engaging few days with some of the leading figures in the travel industry setting out their vision of the future and it is exciting to be a part of that and set out how Beyond Analysis can help drive the required innovation”.



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