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Resilience strategies for Covid & beyond

This week we were joined (virtually) by motivational keynote speaker Richard McCann who was invited to speak to our global workforce and share his strategies for resilience, during the unsettling times of Covid and beyond.

Those who have been lucky enough to hear Richard speak or know of his story, will understand the resonance and poignance of his keynote and the importance of 'attitude' in dealing with difficult times and working towards recovery throughout life. Key to this, is understanding the importance of the post-traumatic growth, which occurs after navigating and overcoming life's setbacks.

This keynote comes part of our continuous efforts to support our colleagues in managing the new and volatile 'work from home' culture and to ensure that they are all able to manage their mental well-being. Richard's interactive session gave our employees opportunities to consider their own struggles this year, while too reflecting on the positives which so often follow challenging situations - the sunshine through the clouds.

For the team, it was somewhat comforting to see the similarities in responses with regards to their struggles and how we can support each moving forward to ensure we are encouraging an environment to talk about and contribute towards positive mental health. We look forward to considering other techniques to ensure we are driving employee well-being across the business.

Some key takeaways from the session, which we are committed to continually supporting:

  1. Always ask for help, reach out and speak to someone.

  2. Do the scary stuff that challenges you and be courageous so that you push yourself out of your comfort zone in order to take incremental steps for growth.

  3. Do good deeds to not only help yourself, but if you do not need help consider who can you help?

  4. Have a can do, will do attitude and focus on the positives.

Thank you once again to Richard for sharing his story with the team!


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