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Meet the Team - Jake

Let's extend a warm welcome to Jake Murkin, the latest addition to our team!

1) Who are you and what do you do at Beyond?

"My name is Jake, and I have four years of experience as a data scientist in the health-tech sector. At Beyond, I am set to work as a data scientist for the DFS project, where I'll contribute to enhancing sales and operations through data-driven insights."

2) What do you usually do in your free time?

"Apart from my role as a data scientist, I have a passion for cooking and exploring various cuisines. I enjoy immersing myself in fantasy and science fiction novels, as well as spending time in nature."

"I'm from a small English countryside town on the border of Wales. I can name the make of a tractor just from the colour."

3) How did you end up becoming a data scientist?

"Before embarking on my career as a data scientist, I obtained a master's degree in Physics. What attracted me most during my studies was the programming aspect, coupled with my desire to apply my mathematical knowledge. Recognising the synergy between machine learning, deep learning, and my skill set, I dedicated time to online courses to expand my expertise. My journey began as a computer vision researcher intern, gradually transitioning into the field of data science, driven by my passion for problem-solving and deep understanding of complex datasets."

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