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From Insights to Action

Updated: Mar 4

At Beyond Analysis we ensure that we are 'Putting Data to Work' for all of our clients, whatever their data capability may be. For us this is not just about implementing Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) models or even a developing a snazzy visualisation dashboard, but is about driving meaningful insights from data to inform decision-making and deliver results that have an overall transformative effect on the business.

As part of this promise to put data to work effectively, we also strive to do good with out work and create positive change with our solutions. This in turn means that we feel we have a responsibility to encourage the application of data skills and the practical use of data in the brands we work and associate with, including supporting future generations in understanding and implementing data.

As such we have been invited back to deliver a virtual workshop in partnership with the UNSW Marketing Analytics Society (MASoc) and Sydney University Business Analytics Association (SUBAA) to share our experience of working in business analytics and the commercial implications of data in industry. Students have been invited to engage with our industry experts from across the business, with the opportunity to gain more practical experience in translating insights into actionable outcomes that would be relevant to the business setting.

Meet our experts

We are glad to be able to share a wealth of expertise from across the business to join the students at MASoc and SUBAA, including: Catherine Graham - General Manager APAC, Michael Quillerat - Head of Commercial APAC, Sangeetha Venkat - Head of Data Operations, Jordan Browne-Moore - Data Science Consultant and Adaugo Okafor - Data Scientist; the five of whom share a common passion in the practical use of data for doing better business.

The team look forward to exploring the case study and listening to the interpretations of data with the students next Thursday, as well as sharing their nuggets on being data driven.



SUBAA is the official, student-run society for the faculty of Business Analytics, with a pivotal focus in bringing students, staff, and the industry, closer together.

MASoc is a UNSW Business School affiliated society, whose vision is to offer UNSW students real, practical insights into data-driven marketing as part of a supportive and social community.


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