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Embracing technology in the new normal

Updated: Apr 10

With the unsettling impact of the recession, the next challenge is to be able to make robust strategic decisions and plan effectively for the future. Navigating the new normal and empowering growth within the next few months and into 2021, will take the same disruptive energy that characterised the pandemic. This disruptive force will be shaped by the effective implementation of the right technologies.

The Federal Budget Virtual Conference 2020 hosted by Grant Thornton Australia from the 7th - 9th October will address the role of innovation and incentives, the social expectations on mid-sized business, and growing out of the recession. Guests will have the opportunity to register online and hear from a range of industry specialists across the three day event.

Data strategy specialist and APAC General Manager at Beyond Analysis, Catherine Graham joins the final panel session on the 9th October, with Senator and Chair of Select Committee on Financial Technology & Regulatory Technology for New South Wales - Andrew Bragg, and the panel host, Partner & National Head of Technology Consulting at Grant Thornton - Ian Renwood.

Embracing technology in the new normal will explore the dynamic changes in technology, which have caused the extreme disparity across the working environments of the last three generations and will consider, moving forward, how the rapid pace of these changes could present new opportunities for businesses and their customers. As smarter, faster and more efficient ways of working will need to be adopted for contactless and remote working (among the other challenges of the recession), those industries that carefully invest in and integrate the right technologies, stand the best chance of growing out of the recession.

A curious fact-based strategist, Catherine has been designing data strategy for businesses globally for over 20 years. With experience in Government, Financial Services, Technology, Retail and Automotive, she has honed key strategic best practice while continuing to innovate in her thinking. At Beyond Analysis she is responsible for managing APAC business operations and as a lead data strategy consultant, she is passionate about driving transformation through the commercialisation of data.

Following the success of Catherine's previous virtual conference with GTA at the beginning of September, we are delighted that she has been invited back to explore disruptive technologies in this panel. Previously, Catherine examined how businesses can use artificial intelligence and machine learning effectively to unlock the value of untapped data and how we model and forecast behaviour to surface data insights that empower businesses to take action and drive monetisation, with informed decisions around reducing costs and accelerating revenue growth.

Please get in touch if you would like to arrange a meeting with Catherine, or one of our team of experts, to learn more about the conference or to discuss how to implement technologies and build a data driven strategy for your own business.

You may also be interested in reading our latest white paper:  Accelerate data transformation, reverse costs, drive revenue growth.


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