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Times are tough - but success is still an option...

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Everything has changed!

Chances are, any strategic plans you had in place to drive your business forward this year aren’t currently viable - but that doesn’t mean you have to stand still.

Investing in the right technology with the right support, today, can start adding real value to your business as early as tomorrow. 

Covid-19 has completely changed working life as we know it, with many businesses and employees struggling to stay afloat. But as with all times of crisis, there is an opportunity not just to survive - but to thrive. The changes that you make now and the actions you take to strengthen your digital assets, in a crowded digital marketplace, can ensure that you come out of this situation even stronger than you were at the beginning. 

And with this being a time for togetherness and community, partnerships have never been more important. Beyond Analysis and Quantum Metric have joined together to bring you a game changing technical solution, with the best possible support system for showing its immediate value.

As an example of just how quickly we can make a difference and how much impact it can have on your revenue; on March 10th Quantum Metric was added to a well known retail website, by March 11th over £400,000 of lost revenue had been identified. Beyond Analysis, working with a similar retailer, used data automation to secure a productivity uplift of 12%, resulting in a 15% increase in sales agent performance with its Q&E solutions.


Why us?

Quantum Metric 

The platform gives business and technical teams a single version of truth that’s fast, quantified, and based on what matters most — the customer’s perspective. With a simple deployment, Quantum gives organisations instant visibility into everything customers experience on web, native app, and kiosk. The impact of every interaction is automatically quantified, every session can be visualised, and most importantly, all your teams can work from a single version of truth.

Beyond Analysis A team of award-winning data scientists will find patterns in your data to unlock the insights behind your consumers actions and predict their next move. These insights are actioned using automation into highly scalable analytic applications delivering revenue growth, cost savings and employee satisfaction. The open source data platform, Quick & Easy, gets your solutions out to market quickly and  at scale.

Together We bring you a wealth of combined technical, implementation, analytical and support services, to turn this current situation from the worst of times, to a genuine opportunity for success. 


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