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Beyond Analysis closes Wimbledon office

Monday 30th November marks a significant change for Beyond Analysis and the ‘end of an era’ for our UK team based in Wimbledon Village.

The global coronavirus pandemic has had a significant impact on all businesses; however we are proud to say that for Beyond Analysis and many of our clients, it has been a year of significant change and growth.

We have seen first hand the positive effects of being able to adjust and transition to an even more digital way of working and have therefore taken the decision to close our Wimbledon office to cement this digital transition into 2021.

The impact of various lockdowns and tier systems, forced all businesses to accept a new ‘working from home’ culture, with increased online meetings and reduced commuting time to and from the office – an impact that made BA consider different office solutions.

After a short period of adjustment, we took the decision to close our Wimbledon office and transition to a more permanent flexible working solution. This move to working from home has been accepted whole heartedly by our UK business and has helped support the growth of the team up and down the country.

The closure of this office aligns with our global business strategy and expansion plans, with new bases opening in the USA and APAC earlier in the year. Furthermore we have seen rapid growth in our centre of Excellence and technical hub in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Despite our move away from a permanent residence in Wimbledon, as yet our plans for the UK base are still to be determined. What is known is that our newly enlarged HR team have the exciting challenge of working with our event planners to develop news ways of meeting up and collaborating both internally with colleagues and with our clients.

When legislation permits we look forward to meeting up in person – whatever the size, shape and location of the new space might be. And most importantly, we are committed to continue engaging and developing a large UK hub and moreover a team of colleagues in which we can trust and rely on, despite the more remote way of working.

“The ability to build a remote team relies on developing robust, internal relationships that stem from a company culture, which focuses on trust, integrity and passion for the work we do. We are so proud of the BA team – who continue to be agile, disruptive and creative in the solutions that they deliver, demonstrating a true resilience of character.” William Beresford, Chief Data Officer & Founder – Beyond Group.

As the impact of the pandemic continues, Beyond Analysis and the rest of the Beyond Group will continue to review the legislation and endeavour to ensure all employees are supported throughout their time with the company. Moreover we look forward to 2021 and exciting times ahead for the development of the organisation.

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