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Beyond Analysis at the Online Travel Conference 2019 in Moscow

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Beyond Analysis last week were invited to the Online Travel Conference 2019 in Moscow to speak in conjunction with Travelport. This conference in recognised as the main industry event in Russia’s online travel segment.

Beyond Analysis spoke on the topic of ‘Personalisation in Travel’ that covers the importance of Personalisation for Online Travel Agencies (OTA) - achieved by leveraging the insights from data to build trust and loyalty with customers through drive better engagement.

Case studies that outlined Personalisation techniques were shared with the audience and have resulted, for a particular OTA in the Netherlands, a 290% increase in bookings.

Anthony Beresford, Commercial Director for Travel and Consumer Markets delivered the talk on stage with Matthew Webb from Travelport to an wide audience of leading travel industry figureheads including Russian and foreign online travel agencies, meta-search engines, travel start-ups, online travel planning services, social networks, insurance companies, online hotel reservation services, suppliers of IT solutions for the industry, and airlines and airports.

Following the conference, Anthony comments, “Moscow is a wonderful city, and it is not surprising that there has been double digit growth in travel to and from here which is a testament to the great propositions of the local travel industry. I’m looking forward to seeing what the future holds.


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