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Diversity and Inclusion in Travel

Updated: Apr 2

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It is well documented how much pressure the travel & tourism industry have been under this year, and so we are even more proud to have continued our support as a corporate partner of the Institute of Travel & Tourism, the only professional membership body for the sector.

We are particularly delighted to kick off the first, virtual, Network ITT event and on Wednesday 1st July, Beyond Analysis' Paul Alexander - CEO and Jordan Browne Moore - Data Solutions and Bias Expert, will be delivering an exclusive webinar on tackling bias in the travel industry.

Systemic bias is present and pervasive in all of our lives, but how we challenge this inherent bias, which is often embedded unintentionally in our systems, should be a cause for concern for all industries and businesses. Uncovering accidental bias to find hidden customer opportunities - how AI is both perpetrator and champion for diversity and inclusion, considers how the travel industry can take on bias and begin positive disruption. After the short webinar delivered by Beyond Analysis, ITT members are invited to the first virtual Network ITT event, where they will get an opportunity to network with their peers and Paul & Jordan will be on hand to answer any questions, too.

Spaces are limited to ITT members, however if you would be interested in hearing from Paul or Jordan on how we can tackle diversity and inclusion specific to your business, please email us.


About ITT | Institute of Travel & Tourism

ITT is the only professional membership body for travel and tourism professionals, educators and students. Established in 1956, the organisation supports individuals employed across the travel and tourism industry and is dedicated to developing and maintaining high professional standards throughout the industry.

Each year, the ITT boasts a selection of formal and informal networking events, including conferences and dinners, for their broad membership network and we are delighted to support this exclusive webinar and their first ever virtual network for 2020!



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