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Data Science and Analytics Services 

Forecasting the Future, Optimising Operations 

Beyond provides a strategic approach to data science, using forecasting models and operational analytics to predict future trends and optimise business operations. 


Our data science and analytics  services provide a clear understanding of historical trends and customer behaviours, setting the stage for informed decision-making and strategic planning.


Begin your journey with Beyond and unlock the transformative power of data science consulting services. Our solutions are not just about insights — they they're about fostering a culture of data-centric innovation and strategic growth.

Our Data Science Consulting services anticipate future challenges and opportunities: 

Forecasting Models

Employ Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data science to predict market trends and customer actions, equipping your business with strategic foresight. 

Churn Prediction

Leverage data analysis and predictive AI-based algorithms to identify customer retention challenges and opportunities for engagement. 

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Enhance the effectiveness of your sales channels with robust analytics consulting, significantly lifting conversion rates. 

Workforce Analytics

Optimise workforce management with actionable data insights, aligning resources with business needs for maximised productivity.

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Our Approach to Data Analytics and Data Science 

Our philosophy distinguishes clearly between data science, (AI)  and data analytics — we're committed to delivering transformative insights that are scalable and sustainable, ensuring they resonate with your business evolving dynamics.


Our approach is consultative and collaborative; we work closely with your team to ensure our data solutions integrate seamlessly into your business processes, aligning with operational workflows and strategic goals. We architect solutions that are not only automated but also imbued with self-learning capabilities, allowing them to adapt and advance as your market environment and customer needs evolve, guaranteeing enduring relevance and value. 

People-Driven Solutions 

Our team blends exceptional data science and analytics with insightful business consultation to deliver solutions that truly resonate with how your business operates.


We are data scientists with a flair for innovation and management consultants who excel in defining and solving complex business problems. Together, we build analytics solutions that are not just technically proficient but also inherently adaptable, designed to evolve as your business and customer needs do.


This balanced approach ensures our data strategies are as practical as they are pioneering, offering you a sustainable competitive advantage

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Pragmatic, Phased Approach 

Our methodology is designed to deliver clarity and effectiveness: 

Opportunity Identification

We begin by pinpointing opportunities for leveraging data in line with your data science strategy setting clear targets and business cases for the desired outcomes. 

Sprint-Based Execution

A dynamic, sprint-based approach, incorporating Test and Learn, ensures rapid delivery and assessment of solution options, accelerating adoption and achieving new operational efficiencies.

Automation and Actionability

Throughout the process we focus on creating automated, highly actionable solutions that seamlessly integrate into your business processes with data science and machine learning with the capability to be updated autonomously. 

Why Choose Beyond?


Our team of seasoned consultants has decades of combined experience in data strategy and consulting. We bring deep industry knowledge and hands on experience to every engagement.

Customised Solutions

We provide tailored solutions that fit with where you are on your data journey to address your unique data needs and challenges, ensuring a perfect fit for your organisation.

Value-Driven Approach

Our focus is on delivering real value through our services. We work to identify opportunities for cost savings, revenue generation, and process improvements.

End-to-End Support

We are with you every step of the way, from initial assessment to implementation and beyond. We are committed to your success.

Examples Of Our Work

Image by Towfiqu barbhuiya

Data-Driven Innovation in Payment Solutions

A strategic partnership with Visa, helping them transform payments data into competitive advantage.

Image by Kutan Ural

Transforming healthcare workforce management

A strategic partnership with NHS Professionals, helping them become a data driven organisation.

Image by Nathan Fertig

Data Driven Omni-Channel Retail

A strategic partnership with DFS Group helping them to lead furniture retailing in the digital age.

Image by Denys Rodionenko

Transforming Fuel Cards and Fleet Management

A strategic partnership with Fleetcor to drive data usage across the global organisation.

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