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Updated: Dec 2, 2020

On Thursday 6th June 2019 Paul Alexander, Group CEO of Beyond Analysis, gave a talk entitled “GDPR Killed the Marketing Man” to the LOGIN conference.

Paul’s speech examined the changing world of marketing in the face of GDPR, acknowledging that while essential, it had created a challenge for traditional marketing methods. He then set out why although this is daunting, it is a real opportunity for substantial change in the industry away from “sh*t that folds” and towards data-driven, customer focused marketing that instead of driving customers mad actually helps them engage with brands and boosts their experience all round.

Of the conference, Paul said “It was a privilege to be involved in an event that is seeking to push the boundaries of business, economy and society. The atmosphere was fantastic and I hope this will be the start of an industry revolution”.

A white paper based on Paul’s speech will be available to review shortly.



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