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Raising the metabolic rate of omnichannel business

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

Organisations know they need to work harder than ever to meet customers’ tough expectations if they are to compete in this complex, omnichannel world. Increasing competition from start-ups and industry disruptors, with their newly built technology stacks and data-driven cultures, have exacerbated the problem for many brands. It’s now well understood and widely accepted that data is a crucial ingredient for success. Knowing how to move this forward, whilst keeping the multiple plates of the existing business spinning, can however be very challenging.

Beyond Analysis and Celebrus Technologies today announce their partnership, bringing together two experts in the fields of data and omnichannel business to help organisations develop and act upon the rich seams of customer insight generated by omnichannel businesses to optimise their performance and create competitive advantage. This cements a long standing and enduring relationship. Back in the mid-2000s, when organisations were focused on understanding single channels and optimising websites, Beyond Analysis Group CEO Paul Alexander, then at dunnhumby and working with the world’s favourite airline, understood the need for customer-level data to develop a truly detailed picture about individuals and their interactions and experiences across channels. That is exactly the type of data that Celebrus has been focused on delivering, and continuously improving, for many years now, driven partly by input from visionaries such as Alexander.

Beyond Analysis’ mission is to enable its clients to successfully put their data to work so they can raise the metabolic rate (making them faster, more dynamic, more competitive, more profitable) of their company. This is achieved through a combination of world-class data insight advisory and analytics services and their award-winning technology platform, Quick and EasyTM which together enable superior business performance with better, faster, evidence based decisions and actions.

The Celebrus Technologies Customer Data Platform captures, transforms, enriches and delivers individual-level customer behavioural and experiential data from across a brands’ digital and other channels in real-time. It feeds this extraordinary data into a variety of complementary technologies where leading retail banking, insurance, retail, travel and automotive clients worldwide use it to power their customer and streaming analytics, one-to-one personalisation and numerous other business projects.

The granularity, depth and cross-channel nature of Celebrus customer data is rocket fuel for the sophisticated analytics undertaken by the Beyond Analysis teams, giving them the ability to explore, analyse and model customers in unprecedented depth; whether that’s enhancing experiences, optimising communications, informing product decisions or powering predictive models.

Together these two organisations can help organisations eradicate numerous pain points of developing and running an omnichannel business. Celebrus’ unique approach to data capture and transformation, combined with Beyond Analysis analytics, ensures every data point and touch point is captured which:

  • removes the need for complex and error prone tagging;

  • eliminates the missed opportunities in evaluating the impact of campaigns or new technical developments and;

  • enables true precision in identifying and assessing how to achieve the best outcomes for each individual customer.

This allows clients to focus on innovation, improving the experience and ultimately creating competitive advantage. This is especially true of travel and retail companies, with airlines in particular increasingly understanding the need to differentiate themselves through closer customer relationships, personalised experiences and data-driven decision-marketing. The travel clients that both Beyond Analysis and Celebrus Technologies are working with are reaping considerable rewards from their relationships.

“This is the culmination of a long-term relationship based on mutual admiration between two companies that are both passionate about the power of good data and great experience to transform and truly enable clients to put their data to work to grow their businesses,” commented Paul Alexander of Beyond Analysis.

Simon Burton, CEO of Celebrus Technologies added “having known the Beyond Analysis team for several years, we now feel the time is right to bring together our areas of expertise to help those organisations who are keen to take a leap forwards in their use of data and analytics but, perhaps through a lack of in-house experience or resources, are struggling to do so. The expertise provided by Beyond Analysis, underpinned by Celebrus data, means they can not only keep up with their competitors, but move ahead in this ‘age of the customer.’”



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