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Paul Alexander does it again at the Data 50 Awards

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

After being placed in the dataIQ top 100 people in data earlier in the year, Beyond Analysis CEO, Paul Alexander, has now been selected as one of the UK's top data leaders in the Data 50 Awards.

The Data 50 Awards honour the people at the forefront of data – those transforming organisations and enhancing decision-making through its use, managing and controlling its proliferating growth, and driving new business value.

The explosion of data – and what can be done with it – has been the most transformational trend to emerge from the digital age. It is also the area where the most groundbreaking technology has been developed.

The pace of innovation in this industry has been rapid, with new ways of generating insight from data springing up regularly. The sale of big data and business analytics software, hardware and services will reach $187 billion by 2019, according to IDC.

Meanwhile, the professionals and executives involved in the deployment of these technologies in enterprises have shown just how impactful their application can be in improving services, driving efficiencies and cost savings, and trailblazing new opportunities for growth.

And while it’s easy to dwell on the ‘sexier’ examples of big data, other cutting-edge technologies have enabled unprecedented ways to build infrastructure that can house and scale its growth – and protecting sensitive information from ever-expanding cyber threats is also a critical consideration.

All functions involved in driving data innovation in the UK are considered, whether it be the vendors creating the technology, the end-users deploying it, or the consultancies or integrators helping them do it.



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