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  • Paul Alexander

Beyond Analysis Christmas Message

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

As 2017 comes to a close and we draw breath before 2018 begins, I want to take this opportunity to extend the very best wishes of the season on behalf of everyone at Beyond Analysis.

I’d also like to express our thanks for your contribution to the considerable progress which we’ve not only made over the course of the last year but the decade which we have now been in business.

Whilst the start of the Christmas festivities is normally a time at which most people set aside all thoughts of work for a few days at least, it also seems an appropriate time to reflect even just a little on how Beyond Analysis has made great strides forward by putting clients’ data to work for them.

Bidding farewell to one of our investors (Visa) this year has allowed us to capitalise on our potential elsewhere within the financial services industry. In the last month alone, it has led to our unveiling a major collaboration with PwC, which will be using our suite of products with companies in a wide range of business sectors.

Those products, of course, include Quick and Easy, which has transformed clients’ understanding of how they and their customers behave but has allowed them to make a difference where it matters most: on the frontline. By using our proprietary mix of straightforward machine learning, automation and cloud technology, retail client sales teams, for example, have seen their average performance improve by 22 per cent.

In developing Quick and Easy, our aim was to create a system which could have dramatic impact at companies both large and small by being agile, cost-effective and easy to comprehend.

It’s one of the reasons why, in less than 12 months, we have moved from merely being in a position to testing Quick and Easy to putting it and the data produced by more than 100 European travel agencies to work via the leading travel commerce platform, Travelport CI, serving up-to-the-minute market and consumer insights.

Only in the last few weeks, that capability has also led to us being appointed as the key data partner by one of the world’s largest private telecommunications companies, Telefonica, to exploit the vast data reserves generated by its O2 brand, which has more than one-fifth of all the UK’s users of mobile and tablet devices.

I should also point out that the office Christmas tree is not only shimmering with baubles but some very prestigious individual and company awards picked up during 2017.

If that summary isn’t positive enough, even before we head home to our families we know that the New Year promises a number of further sizeable, strategic deals.

We could not accomplish this success without your assistance and it wouldn’t be as much fun if we couldn’t share our good news and the glad festive tidings with you.

So, have a very merry Christmas and we look forward to seeing you in 2018.

Paul Alexander, Group CEO



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