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Beyond Analysis buys Visa Europe’s shareholding in its business

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

Beyond Analysis, the award-winning big data, insight, and analytics business is entering a new stage of growth as it confirms its shareholders have today purchased Visa Europe’s stake in its business, concluding a partnership formed in 2011.

Together Beyond Analysis and Visa Europe developed and implemented truly innovative customer loyalty initiatives by unlocking the power of purchase insights to offer huge value and insight to retailers and other consumer-facing businesses.

With its new autonomy, Beyond Analysis is now able to generate data insight from across the financial services industry, working with all parties to unlock the power of purchase insights for its clients.

Paul Alexander, founder and CEO of Beyond Analysis, said: “Beyond Analysis is in a unique position understanding the intersection of data from financial services and retail, and helping the businesses we work with to take advantage of this vastly underutilised data source. Our retail clients, particularly multinationals, have been keen for us to be able to gather data insight from the schemes with the most representative dataset by territory, and drive additional value from their acquirer relationships, which we are now able to do.”

“Our vision for data democratisation - making data insight accessible to all – is being realised as we continue to roll out our Quick & Easy™ insight solution, which is already raising the metabolic rate of every company we work with, making them faster, more dynamic, more competitive, and more profitable.”

Visa Europe, said: “We can confirm that Beyond Analysis’s shareholders are purchasing Visa Europe’s shareholding in its business. This brings to a conclusion a successful partnership that was formed in 2011 when Visa took a stake in the company. Over the past six years Beyond Analysis has worked with Visa Europe on a number of exciting customer loyalty and data insight initiatives.

We would like to thank Beyond Analysis for partnering with Visa over this period and wish them every success for the future.”

Beyond Analysis has worked with 150 high-profile clients since its inception, including some stellar performing organisations across five global markets. It will launch in the Indian subcontinent in 2017.



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