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Putting Data To Work

We’re not data analysts, we’re business changers and our group has been built by going Beyond.


We don’t claim to know it all, but we know data and we know business.  And we also know the former is of little use without the latter.  

We work with businesses to answer the questions they might not have known to ask.  We don’t operate as the hired help, we work hard to understand the challenges and ultimately to be able to bring the solutions:

We think.  We ask.  We plan.  We uncover.  We advise.

We believe in enabling positive action from data (from the boardroom to the mailroom) and sticking around for the change.

The value we bring is all based on the people we employ and the culture we’re proud to have.  We only hire inquisitive people, who know the difference between ‘interesting’ and game - changing insight that a business cannot afford to ignore.

And we’re really impatient.  We believe in sharing quick wins along the journey (not waiting for the big reveal) to change the direction of business.


Going Beyond is what we do


Since 2007, we have helped clients globally to use data to drive efficiency gains and business improvements by enabling them to better understand their customers and business operations.


Competitive Advantage 

Using the latest in AI and machine learning we model and forecast behaviour that, via our visualisation tools, enables the sharing of insights for taking action and delivering competitive advantage.​


Award Winning Team

​Our award-winning team of data scientists coupled with heavy weights of the business world, find answers in the data using simple segmentations through to complex machine learning algorithms.


We transform these patterns by automating data into powerful analytic applications, that land in your business to deliver financial returns, improved customer experience and employee engagement.​


We shape the way we interact and deliver to our clients to suit the needs and preferences of them as businesses and as individuals within them. 


Our goal is to make it easy to do business with us. 

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