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We Are Different

Why we are different?

Going Beyond is what we do:

  • We use data to constantly learn more about our clients and work to foster trust according to what we know matters to them. 

  • We record everything we know and learn about them throughout our journey with them to ensure the whole team does the same.

  • Show them how well we know them by understanding their needs and circumstances.

  • We help to make them better at their jobs.

  • We go above and beyond the brief to surprise them more.

  • We individualise what we do for them.

Moments That Matter

It's all about moments that matter:

  • How we kick off projects and manage them ongoing.

  • Empowering our contacts to 'impress their boss' and get them credit and recognition within their business because of the value we have delivered.

  • The prototypes for clients to share and get buy in within their business.

  • How we wrap up projects and get feedback and a review / recommendation. 

  • How we support them, their business and their tools ongoing.

  • How we work with them to secure our next win for them and business for us.

How Clients Feel

How we want our clients to feel:

  • They act in ways that show they are building a special relationship with us through recognising and responding to our unique needs. 

  • They provide proactive, relevant thought leadership tailored to our situation. 

  • They bring ideas and insights that add value. 

  • They make us feel important whatever the size of our business. 

  • We’re made to feel special as individuals and more confident about being successful. 

  • They prove that they understand me.

  • They recognise our history together.

  • They make me perform better in my role.

  • They surprise me with relevant ‘nuggets’ that are beyond what I expect.

  • It’s clear that they understand my needs and circumstances.

  • It feels like everything is tailored to me / our business.

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