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Updated: Apr 10


There have been some quite substantial changes in the way which data is regarded over the course of the 10 years since Beyond Analysis was set up.

Not so long ago, it seemed that many businesses relied more on gut instinct than actual performance when it came to determining future company strategies.

Those which did decide to consult how they were doing found themselves having to work through reams of spreadsheets and, as a result, unable to take any immediate action to improve trading.

Now, though, firms both large and small in a range of industries around the globe acknowledge the true merits of data.

In fact, its critical nature in generating valuable insight has been described by The Economist, no less, as “the world’s most valuable resource”.

However, just like oil, data needs to be refined to its simplest and most relevant elements in order to make it as useful and specific as possible to even help those working in individual departments of organisations to make a difference.

Putting data to work in such a fashion is what underpins the way Beyond Analysis works with clients and has driven our development of ground-breaking technology products and solutions and earned us a reputation as one of the UK data industry’s leading consultancies.

It’s why we’re so excited to be teaming up with one of the world’s biggest professional services companies, PwC, to work with them in further realising the potential which data has for its clients.

As we’ve been telling Consultancy.UK (read about it here), this joint business relationship will see PwC initially using our products with its own clients in retail but there is every intention to expand into travel, tourism and media too.

Together with PwC, we share a vision of how using data better can help the businesses with which we work more fully realise their commercial potential.

This is merely the first in a series of announcements which Beyond Analysis will be making in the coming months about how our approach to data is being embraced by major brands at home and abroad.

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