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Beyond Putting Data to Work Strapline


incremental sales


Our client, a major supermarket retailer, was looking to understand why it was losing wine volume sales and share of trade at a customer level.

What We Did

We carried out detailed analysis of wine buying customers’ basket data, for a period of 2 years in order to build a quantifiable fact base on the customer including: - Past and current wine customer buying habits and loyalty. - Wine sales performance by country and colour, and by case vs individual items. - The impact of previous price changes, campaigns and promotions. - Identifying where to target further analysis and research. This identified four distinct wine buying customer groups demonstrating that the client’s current one-size-fits-all to ranging, promotions and marketing was not effective across all stores and formats.


The wine buying team were able to understand and identify a very loyal base of wine buying customers, who have stayed loyal despite price increases, and that it was the more uncommitted customers who were moving away during competitor promotion periods and not responding well to the current promotion strategy. The promotions analysis enabled to identify quick wins in the in-store marketing and promotions tactics to retain customers through more targeted promotions of the right types of wine at the right price points. One of these included moving certain wines into the refrigerated section next to the ready meals. This saw incremental sales of 20% over the three month test, with many of the customers buying into the wine department for the first time.

The work Beyond Analysis has done in helping us understand our customers has transformed the way we think about our business.

Head of Retail Planning

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