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Beyond Putting Data to Work Strapline


incremental sales


Our brief was to to provide this Trade counter client with an understanding of their customer base through customer segmentation and profiling their purchasing behaviour. This was needed to deliver actionable data points and targeting variables for the marketing teams to drive their communication program and deliver greater value from the customer base.

What We Did

We worked with our client through a four step process that began with detailed analysis of customer behaviours to develop distinctive groupings of customers based on their industry sector, shopping habits and missions and loyalty to the brand. These segmentation outputs were then used to support the development of the CRM strategy and business plan for each segment. This was designed around the shopping habits of the tradesmen buying for their client projects, stocking up their van with essentials and purchases for themselves such as clothing. With the fundamentals in place a Test and Learn program and Measurement framework were implemented for the ongoing optimisation of communications with varying offers and comms tactics.


After the first six month and evaluation of the program found incremental sales uplift via targeted communications had increased between 23%-44% depending on the segment.

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