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Beyond Putting Data to Work Strapline


avg increase in redemption


A leading health and beauty brand, wanted to revitalise their loyalty scheme using data as the foundation for more relevant communications and rewards to drive spend and win back customers. Beyond Analysis were asked to set up and run a series of targeted campaign tests to prove if we could: - Drive more spend and more visits from our Top Shoppers. - Win back Dormant and Lapsed customers. - Ensure customer retention in key categories and locations.

What We Did

Using 12 months’ transactional data for all card customers we carried out customer segmentation and behaviour analysis to identify growth opportunities and develop a campaign strategy. We then automated the analytics and models to support target group identification and offer behavioural offer targeting. A 6 month programme of test and learn was carried out across the base.


The programme saw increase of 13% in redemption rates across all campaigns - as high as 54% for some of the campaign cells. The win back element re-acquired 3% customers who had not shopped at the client for 6 months.

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