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Beyond Putting Data to Work Strapline


incremental revenue


This opticians chain was experiencing decreasing footfall for its high street branches and realised that this was part of a general trend for more optical prescriptions to be serviced online. It was looking for support in setting up an effective customer communications strategy that would use data to target relevant content and offers to the right customer.

What We Did

We started this engagement with an exercise of data driven profiling of the customer base to understand how they behaved and what would make sensible groupings for different treatments. These findings were used to develop out a customer communications plan for targeted offers. In order to understand how it was going to work we uncovered a high value customer segment with a high propensity to return and grow spend. Taking this group as a test case we designed a test and learn exercise to see what behaviours we could impact and provide business justification for the programme.


The test campaigns proved the return on time and effort to target these customers directly demonstrating an uplift in sales of 8,100 units over a 2 month period (~20%). The incremental revenue generated was ~$4.5 million over the course of six months.

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