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Beyond Putting Data to Work Strapline


increase in sales agent performance


This home furnishings client was looking to support its transformation by getting insights out to the frontline to support the sales team with better insights into their performance and incentives program. Sales performance reporting traditionally required the collation of multiple data sets from a range of different legacy systems. This presented a number of challenges for communicating targets and progress to sales teams meaning they often did not see their results until 3 months after the period had closed. A new automated solution was required and they asked Beyond Analysis to develop a new data and visualisation solution.

What We Did

We began this programme by valuating how the existing reporting was used and re-defining the requirements to address a number of challenges; much of these were around consolidating the core data and re-defining the key KPIs for Sales teams and the methodology behind setting targets for the incentive programme. The solution entailed building a completely automated Sales Operations Dashboard using our Quick & Easy platform. This enabled each individual sales agent, team leader and regional director to review detailed sales performance against target. With a near live data solution individual agents could keep constant tabs on progress and see exactly what they needed to do to hit their targets.


This solution provided previously unavailable insights into the business through the 12 key metrics across Sales, Operations, Service and People. Automated root cause analysis across the whole business, regions and branches enabled the management team to quickly identify and act on performance insights and coach individual and team performance with daily metrics and targets. After the first year of operation a review calculated the following benefits: - 15% - increase in sales agent performance. - 12% - uplift in productivity from data automation.

The quick&easy™ tool from beyondanalysis leverages our two greatest assets. Our people and our data, leading us towards a data driven transformation of our day to day activities.


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