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Beyond Putting Data to Work Strapline


hours effort per campaign saved


This business has a 100% data accuracy requirement which drives high levels of checking. Many of the checks are paper based and manual, leading to duplication of effort cross departmentally. The high number of checking tasks do not always add value and data checks are duplicated where responsibilities are not clear. Beyond Analysis were engaged to optimise these processes.

What We Did

We identified the key checks that duplicate effort and/or didn't add value. We gathered checking results data and assessed the current error rate, whilst consulting with the audit team to ensure legal compliance. Taking these outputs we we produced a summary of findings and recommendations for future checking processes and assessed the likely impact associated with the proposed changes. Following approval we then supported the implementation process.


This process reduced the need for 31 separate checking tasks using 10 different trackers. This resulted in 3½ working days of checks saved per campaign with no reduction in the accuracy requirement.

There are lots of companies out there who can do big data stuff and we get them all the time every week talking about big data, what they don’t do is apply it to show how to make better decisions day in day out. I think it’s the application of the thinking based on the understanding of the business and based on good relationships that means that Beyond Analysis are like an intel inside of smart data people with the right tools who can simply the things that we do.


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