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Beyond Putting Data to Work Strapline


This retail bank worked closely with a payments client of Beyond Analysis. We were asked to support them deepen this relationship through developing data collaboration opportunities that would grow card usage and transaction volume.

What We Did

Working with the retail bank we developed a co-brand merchant proposition to counter increased competition in the market from other banks and a competing payment network. Our proposition looked to combine the retailer, retail bank and payments network data in order to create compelling insights and targeting variables that would allow the bank and retailer together to drive footfall in store and transaction volume on their co-brand products.


The insights developed were extremely impactful as they provided an additional layer of relevance when it came to understanding when customers were in the market for certain categories and the retailer was able to action this through targeted events, in store experience and communications. Together the retailer and bank saw significant transaction volume increases over time across all spend categories. This work won a trailblazer award.

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