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Beyond Putting Data to Work Strapline


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This travel agency had recently invested in a self-serve post booking portal for customers. Whilst it was working well post booking sales of extras had dropped. This represented a significant proportion of lost profitability for these bookings as the sales of high margin extras fell.

What We Did

Beyond Analysis carried out a full analysis of customer behaviour pre and post the implementation of the solution to identify which customers had a propensity to buy extras and were no longer doing so through the portal. These customers were profiled into value and product groupings to inform a sales contact plan to be handed back from the e-comm team to the call centre and branch agents, and where possible to the original primary sales agent.


The client was able to process a manageable volume of outbound sales calls to these high opportunity customers without impacting other business as usual activities. Using the modelling the agents were able to target correctly first time, the most suitable upgrades and extras to the customers. In the three months of testing, average sales to the high propensity customers returned to the same levels pre-implementation of the automated solution and in some segments had increased by up to 18%.

They helped us reach a level of self-sufficiency, which was always the goal.

IT Director

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