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Beyond Putting Data to Work Strapline


incremental sales


This speciality retailer was experiencing reduced footfall through its high street stores as more of the customers moved to shopping online. Their online channel however was not growing at the same rate in response as new online only competition was increasingly taking their share of market. With conversion rates remaining static they wanted a complete review of customer performance and behaviour across channels to understand where they needed to be focusing attention.

What We Did

We carried out a root and branch review of their off and online business using customer transaction data to provide an end to end view of the customer journey throughout the website and delivery process. A major challenge to this exercise was substantial preparatory work required in categorising all the site URLs to make the data for purpose as the site had been developed over time with no view to optmisation. With this groundwork in place we were able to map the movement of users through the website based on these URL types (e.g. homepage, lingerie category, checkout). This enabled the set up of ongoing investigative measurement of; the entire breath of different customer journeys being made through the site; areas of high traffic and high dropout; key routes taken by customers to most common destinations; and to make behavioural and financial comparisons between journeys, customer types and transaction outcomes.


This led to strategic recommendations to adjust the focus of the site to be around experience, occasion and needs of customers and a series of immediate tactical changes, validated through tests, on the placement of and mechanics for product and delivery promotions. As a result of this work we were able to achieve a £1.8m in incremental sales from light browsers and a large number of ranges that were being heavily browsed but with very light promotional activity.

The work from Beyond Analysis had both a huge impact on our web sales performance but also helped inspire our internal team on the possibilities from data.

Marketing Director

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