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Beyond Putting Data to Work Strapline


This restaurant group was experiencing increasing competitive pressures in the sector from the growth of new entrants and the rise of home delivery players. This change was happening so quickly that it was causing challenges in their understanding how the traditional footfall and eating out habits of diners was evolving. This, along side increasing competition for new space was making decision making over new branch locations more challenging. They were looking for greater depth and accuracy in data that would increase their confidence when selecting new sites.

What We Did

Leveraging our extensive relationships across the UK payments network we sourced anonymised transaction data to create a representative sample of credit and debit card consumers. Using this data we created a comprehensive view across UK postal areas of value and customer habits in the dining and take out sectors. This enabled us to build the client a historically accurate view their customer base and how dining behaviours were changing for their own restaurants and generally across their peer group of competitors. This was used to drive predictive models of likely future outcomes.


This work culminated in a detailed dashboard and strategic report for the client providing the following insights: - Market trends for customer profiles in terms of demographics, spend and shopping behaviour by branch and geographic region. - Predictive trends in customer behaviour and performance over time with forecasts for how this looked set to continue. - Predicted spend changes in the online delivery market and whether the client should get into it depending on specific location and regional data points. - Identification of the best UK locations for expansion based on known customer fit.

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