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Beyond Putting Data to Work Strapline


signed up merchants


This credit card company was re-designing its customer loyalty and reward program to become a merchant funded offers scheme. A key element of this program included the provision of market and merchant insight products that would provide the intelligence to support the provision of offers, evaluate the performance of the offer campaigns and provide value add to the merchants to encourage engagement with the program. Beyond Analysis was asked to support in the design, business case and development of these products to their merchant partners.

What We Did

We ran a series of research activities across a number of merchant categories to understand their own insights requirements and what we could provide using consumer spend data that would incentivise them to engage fully with the program. Using this insight we developed a series of market and customer share models to support retail offer targeting to customer segments to drive footfall online and into store.


These products were developed into fully productionised reporting products and implemented into the merchant partnership elements of the program. The products proved extremely effective at attracting merchants to join the program and participate fully with the provision of funded offers. Beyond Analysis supported the client with the initial acquisition of merchants onto the programme and secured over 20 merchant agreements within the first 6 months.

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