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Beyond Putting Data to Work Strapline


incremental transaction value


This loyalty program wanted to look for ways to strengthen partner relationships through the  sharing of customer data. Given the nature of its partnerships a safe harbour was required to safely share data between the partner group within the confines of customer privacy and competition law.

What We Did

Beyond Analysis was used as a 3rd party safe harbour to analyse combined partner datasets for analytical insights and campaign generation. Our analysis uncovered key trends and behavioural traits of existing partner’s customers and we outlined the gaps and opportunities that could be exploited. Based on theses insights we developed targeted customer and prospect campaigns generated and delivered to vendors for delivery.


The results saw high levels of engagement of customers with targeted and relevant offers. Campaign performance results showed a 45% lift in transacting customers over the control group and a 57% lift in volume of bookings and 61% incremental transaction value.

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