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Beyond Putting Data to Work Strapline


Reduced Media Spend


The household brand name was looking to significantly shift away from traditional above the line media spend. They recognised the importance of touching and feeling the product to the purchase decision and needed to drive awareness not just of the brand and product but direct the customer to the nearest local store.

What We Did

Beyond Analysis developed a hyper local marketing model for the client. This involved re-defining catchment areas and media regions around their target customers to enable a new level of granularity for media planning. This needed to optimise a degree of traditional brand advertising through major media channels whilst working in concert with local and direct channels.


Early tests of the programme proved to be extremely effective in driving footfall to the stores. The greatest impact has been the ability of the client to plan media spend at a very local level and manage the operational and sales needs accordingly. This ensured the right balance of sales agents on hand at the right store and the right time to maximise conversion rates.

There are lots of companies out there who can do big data stuff and we get them all the time every week talking about big data, what they don’t do is apply it to show how to make better decisions day in day out. I think it’s the application of the thinking based on the understanding of the business and based on good relationships that means that Beyond Analysis are like an intel inside of smart data people with the right tools who can simply the things that we do.


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