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Beyond Putting Data to Work Strapline


A leading chain of fast food restaurant, was looking to solve for two challenges: 1. Understand the impact of introducing new delivery proposition on both delivery and non-delivery stores and insight into attributes of strong performing stores to further assist delivery rollout. 2. Provide a data-driven classification/clustering of restaurants to identify opportunities and generate additional ROI.

What We Did

Beyond Analysis carried out the following: - Cosine Similarity Model - Developed a cosine similarity model which identified the 10 most similar branches based on key characteristics which post-delivery performance could be compared against. - Clustering - Set out the common characteristics of the best and worst performing delivery stores. - Rollout - Identified the non-delivery stores that were most similar to the best and worst performing and what their expected performance if delivery was introduced was in order to inform further rollout. - Online Dashboard - Created an interactive, drillable online dashboard setting out performance of all stores across the estate as well as expected performance if delivery was introduced.


Interactive dashboards were provided across the franchise estate enabling deep dives of the data on demand. This provided the ability to identify the best stores for delivery roll out based on predicted incremental sales. Importantly the sharing of data ensured the Franchisee network were on board as they were provided with a clear understanding and rationale for the potential uplift based on their store type.

To summarise I would say: incredibly professional; incredibly articulate in their findings and presenting their findings; very diligent in the work that has gone on in the background with the analysis that they have done. I have been highly impressed with them and so has everyone else that has come into contact with them.

Head of Business Insights

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