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Beyond Putting Data to Work Strapline


This online clothing retailer was experiencing a slowing down in online sales looking for a comprehensive online growth review to; - identify how customers move through the website and whether any improvements are needed; - understand how different product categories are browsed and how this affects conversions and purchase behaviour; - find any chokepoints in the website that may be encouraging buyer drop-off and drive conversion rates. A major challenge for the client was pulling together multiple data sets, joining them up and making sense of the data to create actionable insights that they could get on with and fix quickly.

What We Did

After setting up a cloud based data warehouse environment we integrated the on and off-line transactions,  web browsing and campaign data ready for analysis. This enabled us to undertake detailed time series analysis of different customer types browse to purchase behaviours over time. This provided a fact based and value based view of the business and facilitated the identification of a number of growth opportunities such as: - core repeat purchase categories of the loyal customer base. - opportunities to engage with customers in between sessions. - where range simplification could help to reduce drop off.


These findings were presented using dashboards via the Quick & Easy reporting platform, enabling the client to continue to interrogate the data to identify opportunities for growth and quickly measure and review the impact of changes as they were made.

This short sharp analysis was not only impactful with regards to allowing us to identify areas of growth that we could implement relatively quickly, but was invaluable through the ongoing measurement in making sure the changes we made were actually delivering.

Head of Brand

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