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Beyond Putting Data to Work Strapline


The client was undergoing a digital transformation towards a truly multi-channel business. Traditionally its marketing and advertising had been dominated by above the line, TV, print and press channels. As more of its customers have started to research and shop online the marketing mix has shifted online also and the need to understand channel performance and optimise spend and targeting at speed has increased exponentially.

What We Did

Beyond Analysis created a digital media data repository within the data lake, facilitating the agreements and data connections between digital platforms and the media agencies. This data was pooled together and a dynamic performance dashboard developed that bought together all data sets from multiple suppliers into an integrated view of paid search, display, SEO and competitive activity. This was developed using our quick and easy platform as part of an existing suite of reports.


The Digital Media Dashboard forms a key component of the day to day business of managing what is now a very substantial media budget dedicated to digital channels. Evaluating performance and taking decisions based on the results can happen at pace with immediately available reporting.

The quick&easy™ tool from Beyond Analysis leverages our two greatest assets. Our people and our data, leading us towards a data driven transformation of our day to day activities.


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