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Beyond Putting Data to Work Strapline


This iconic high street retailer was moving to becoming more multi-channel as part of a major digital transformation. As a business with over 50 years of history it carried with it a number of legacy systems. The data within these were critical to the transformation and needed to be unlocked.

What We Did

Beyond Analysis ran an extensive data diagnostic over more than 45 different systems, cataloguing all the data and tagging how and where it would be needed in the future design. A cloud based data lake was designed to house the data and the ETL of all data feeds was automated.


The retailer now has access to all of its data through a single point of access. Quality and governance are assured and most of all data driven initiatives and tests are able to be spun up in a matter of hours which previously would take weeks or months.

The quick&easy™ tool from Beyond Analysis leverages our two greatest assets. Our people and our data, leading us towards a data driven transformation of our day to day activities.


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