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Beyond Putting Data to Work Strapline


incremental sales


This department store was looking to drive more value from their store card and loyalty card customer base. A key element of the plan was to reduce the business reliance on promotions which had become standard practice in the local market and were dominating the in store experience. Minimising margin loss via unprofitable promotion hunters and driving the value of loyal customers was a core objective.

What We Did

Beyond Analysis worked with the client to carry out a fast data assessment to quickly identify where they could look to use data better and run our business health check analysis to identify the business priorities and key value levers. Following this we developed a ground breaking new customer segmentation combining banking and retailer data and a customer performance tracking solution through our Q&E platform. We then set up and executed a series of test and learns experiments to trial and prove new growth strategies.


The results of the test and learn program validated the work and provided the business case for ongoing development of the program. - Uplift of 395% in response rate and $456,289 of additional sales for targeted selection. - Targeted pagination of brochures to suit customer preferences and driving up response rates by up to 140%. - Targeting and timing of SMS communications based on customer behaviour and location delivering 28.5% uplifts.

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