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Beyond Putting Data to Work Strapline


This client was looking for a new approach to communicating with its customers and to develop new metrics to enable the business to prioritise and manage the customer experience better. Previously all customer communications had been generic and did not take into account the reasons for hiring a car or how regular or loyal to the brand a customer was. This meant that no tailoring of offers or rewards were really possible and where these were being communicated the cut through and response was very low.

What We Did

Beyond Analysis set up a cloud based data warehouse and organised all of the historical customer and transaction data. We then undertook a complete customer profiling exercise, developing a range of segmentation solutions including Recency Frequency Value (RFM), Profitability, Domestic-Corporate and Car Hiring Habits, which in conjunction would enable the business to know the what, when and how it should react throughout the customer journey to deliver a great experience. A key element to this work was the delivery of our Customer Diagnostic, which provided the business with a historic and forward looking view of customer trends with which they could spot issues leading to attrition and opportunities for growth.


The new segmentations were launched alongside the diagnostics and now successfully drive the Customer Service and Direct Marketing programs. This has recently been extended to now support in depth marketing and travel experience collaborations with travel agencies to drive acquisition and return hirers.

The segmentations from Beyond Analysis gave us the much needed insights to set our direction of travel and powered our campaigns to deliver a truly customer focused experience across both our marketing and customer service functions.

Marketing Director

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