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Beyond Putting Data to Work Strapline


lift in transaction volumes


This client was looking to improve their marketing effectiveness and wanted to start a dialogue direct with their customers.

What We Did

Beyond Analysis segmented the customers based on their individual shopping behaviour. Four high level customer groups emerged from the data that showed distinct differences in their purchase characteristics. Through analysis of these customer segments we were able to identify that there were optimal times in the year to communicate to each of these segments. In addition we discovered certain product types that were almost exclusively sold to a particular target, suggesting ongoing broad promotion of this item would be of little interest to the remainder of the customer base. This gave us the needed insights to develop unique communications strategies were identified for each customer group with clear view of the cross selling opportunity for every product category.


These findings were used to commence a program of test and learn around a new direct comms strategy. From the first 6 months of tests we saw engaged customers that were targeted with the new relevant offers experience a 75% lift in direct marketing ROI and a 31% lift in transaction volumes.

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