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Beyond Putting Data to Work Strapline


annual savings


A leisure business with 200+ clubs around the UK was spending very significant amounts of money on both central and local mailing activity. The evaluation of the efficiency and effectiveness of that spend was inadequate at best. No clear CRM strategy or plans existed. The client asked Beyond Analysis to help them understand their customers and behaviour to inform the best CRM strategies and tactics with the greatest return.

What We Did

We delivered four phases of work: 1. Strategic Customer Insights Development - the design and development of a strategic segmentation tool kit across customers and clubs to provide an ongoing lens into customer behaviour. 2. Marketing and Customer Strategy Review/Development – a review and refinement of the Marketing and Customer Strategy for Clubs with key customer objectives and targets driven through the insights provided by the tool kit. 3. Existing Campaign Strategy Refinement and Roadmap - supporting the CRM team in refining and tweaking the existing campaign assets into a more holistic and customer lead model. Key activities for this stream included the development of a Customer Communications Plan and Contact Strategy 4. Best Practice Frameworks - the development of a set of frameworks for the CRM team to support the execution of the above communication plans through best practice CRM processes and methodologies.


In addition to the segmentation providing the business with a new and more relevant way to consider their customers the CRM strategy was able to drive strategic shifts away from "reactive" mailings (i.e. you have lapsed etc) to more "proactive" communications. Furthermore through better customer understanding, the quality of the creative could be improved from lots of copy-heavy mailings without huge amounts of "charm" to relevant and engaging opportunities to interact. Financially the benefits case was straightforward with a reduction in mailing quantity of over 50% per annum through deploying a targeted insight lead approach and only mailing customers relevant and timely offers. £2.3m annual savings in BTL marketing costs realised.

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