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Beyond Putting Data to Work Strapline


This national media group was heavily invested in traditional format newspapers and magazines. They were investing heavily in a major digital transformation across their publications to future proof the business and access the lucrative online advertising market. To support this transformation they recognised the need to define and develop a long term roadmap for data and insights as a key integrator and enabler of their digital strategy.

What We Did

Beyond Analysis worked with the transformation team to develop a data and customer insight strategy that would be pivotal to enabling the digital transformation. Through face to face interviews of key stakeholders across the group we developed a comprehensive understanding of all the data assets in the business and the requirements from each division. This facilitated a complete data quality audit and gap analysis to build a development road-map across the data, tools, processes and resources to align with the transformation plan.


These plans and road maps were shared across the business through a series of alignment workshops to bring disparate teams together to better understand the dependencies on each other and identify areas of potential blockage that would impact the transformation. This was summarised into a high level board pack and business case outlining the vision for data, a development road-map and the required investment and resourcing needed to deliver.

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