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Beyond Putting Data to Work Strapline


performance uplift


Our client, a leading international travel retailer, wanted to understand how to improve the effectiveness of their communications. In particular they wanted to understand: - Optimal Customer Contact Strategy. - Promotional Optimisation. Our client wanted to bring external expertise to leverage best practice and quickly accelerate learnings within the business.

What We Did

Beyond Analysis has profiled the 4 million customers on our client’s database, applying a number of techniques to understand the base, both in terms of potential value but also the likelihood to book and what that booking will be. We have then used the understanding we have developed to deliver multi segmented communications for them reaching on average 150,000 customers each month. Additionally we provide closed loop reporting on promotional effectiveness to improve model efficiency and Management Information back to our client.


We have delivered four key benefits to the client: - An uplift of up to 70% performance in comparison to control groups. - Enabled improve profitability by shifting focus from cheapest product to most appropriately priced. - Enabled New Product Development.

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