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Beyond Putting Data to Work Strapline


Multiple changes in operational factors had caused a lack of clarity regarding ownership of process, roles & responsibilities and deliverables. Having mapped the current operational processes the business were keen to design the future ‘end to end’ operating model. This encompassed several different departments within the business, where the level of siloed working was a current challenge. The new way of working needed to include the objective of each task, the process to deliver it, the RACI and timescale in line with the business-critical path.

What We Did

Beyond Analysis designed a high level, end to end process map to show the ‘art of the possible’ based on learnings from the ‘as is’ mapping. This addressed siloed working through integrating cross departmental tasks and clarifying the RACI. Throughout the process we ensured Senior Leadership Team engagement prior to a cross functional 2-day workshop with all key stakeholders to discuss and agree the new process.


This culminated in the definition of an implementation plan that took account of operational impact and the capacity of the business to manage change alongside BAU operations. We also built a comms plan and wrote the material to support the clear and timely delivery of progress.

There are lots of companies out there who can do big data stuff and we get them all the time every week talking about big data, what they don’t do is apply it to show how to make better decisions day in day out. I think it’s the application of the thinking based on the understanding of the business and based on good relationships that means that Beyond Analysis are like an intel inside of smart data people with the right tools who can simply the things that we do.


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