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Beyond Putting Data to Work Strapline


This hackathon focused on the World of AI and Machine Learning, looking to solve the blindspot that online travel agents face when customers do not have a digital footprint.

What We Did

Using clustering methodologies, machine learning and ARIMA models the team created 4 clusters that identified distinct patterns of behaviour, as well as predicting flight pricing to a confident degree of accuracy.


The client are now able to offer their customers a much more relevant product as well as pricing confidence when they book, thereby enabling a significantly enhanced customer experience. At the point of purchase for example, they can now let their customers know: - This is the right time to book as this is the best price for this particular itinerary. - To wait to be alerted - because prices will decrease. - Be given a different itinerary, based on their cluster group, because the prices are above average and there is more value in a different route.

What they showed to me was some good capabilities and good understanding of the travel industry and therefore seemed well placed to help tick through what we could or what we should be doing.

Global OTA Customer Data & Analytics Manager

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